I owe a great debt to the kindness and work of Lucille Cruz, Head Librarian at the Silverado branch of the Orange County Public Library. Without her help the content of the following pages would be quite a bit smaller.

Ash-Tree's first Chambers volume has just been published. It features the short weird fiction of Chambers from before 1900. I had a little input on the intro piece.Full details can be found at:Ash-Tree Press Or click for a review of the book Out of the Dark.

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  1. First draft of the introduction of my up coming small press illustrated edition of "The King in Yellow"
  2. Review of "In The Quarter" RWC's first work, with an eye on how it relates to "The King in Yellow"
  3. The RWC database has been updated with 40% of all covers shown and 50% of the books reviewed. It is too large to up load but if you want it you can email me. If not you can still Download the old database.


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