WARNING: This site contains a large number of errors in, at least, the index of books

Henrik is a good guy, and has done a lot of work but, in his own words, he cares very little for anything about Chambers' non-fantastic work.
I have been looking at your index of Chambers written works and it is full of mistakes. Most of the stuff you are listing as World War I fiction has little to nothing to do with the war. The Flaming Jewel is a north woods adventure. It takes place after the war. The Crimson Tide is a red scare book and has nothing to do with WWI at all.

It is not just the WWI books that are miss labeled, The Drums of Aulone takes place in Canada about 50 years before Revolutionary War and you lump his pirate books in with the Revolutionary War also.

There are a lot more mistakes, too many for me to go into here, but I will be glad to help you sort them out at a later date when I have some time.

I'm not a bibliographer, and thus I couldn't care less about the correct "categories" for his non-fantastic fiction. I used the H. Kenneth Clark bibliography, and since Clark is/was the foremost Chambers collector I've come across, I feel no need to improve upon his categorization. I list _The Drums of Aulone_ as "American colonial days". If the book takes place fifty years before the Revolutionary war, that would be the colonial days, now wouldn't it ? On my next page update (which will most likely never take place) I'll remove all information except the title, publisher, year, and reprints, which, after all, is the usual method of writing a bibliography. Thus, feel free to send me any info you would care to divulge, but as I said, I'm really not that interested in where _The Crimson Tide_ et al. actually fit in. I'm much more interested in studying his fantastic fiction, and then especially _TKIY_, and do not intend to read more than a few of his non-fantastic works.


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